Healthy and Happy


Village Child Care Centre is a healthy place to play and learn because:

• We are a Sun-Safe centre – we actively teach sun safe practices. Wearing hats and sun cream and playing in the shade are part of our daily practice.

• We wash our hands regularly and we dry them well 

• We enjoy a delicious food menu that is planned and monitored by a child-nutritionist and based on the healthy living pyramid

• We drink lots of water and only use our own water bottles/cups

• We take care of our teeth by eating apple and cheese after lunch to clean our teeth and neutralise the sugar 

• We only attend kindy when we are well and we go home when teachers think we are getting sick so we don’t spread germs 

• Staff clean our rooms and bathrooms daily and regularly disinfect toys and equipment

• We often talk about being healthy and making healthy choices 

• We do dance or fitness activities daily to exercise our bodies 

• We have a rest or a sleep every day so we learn how to relax 

 Village Child Care Centre is a happy place to play and learn because:


Educators are kind and friendly 

Educators  welcome each child so they feel like they belong each day 

The rooms are always decorated in a bright and cheerful way 

Children can choose their own activities

Educators talk in positive tones and use praise and positive words often

All children are valued and accepted 

Children are friendly to each other and encouraged to develop pro-social behaviours

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