The Kindy Room

Information for parents and guardians

3 to 4 yrs / 2 carers for 21 Children

We would like to give you some information about the room, the carers, the program and the experiences your child will have in the Kindy room.

Content and operations of the program

Your three year old is becoming much more their own person now, with developing interests and opinions. Over the exciting twelve months from three to four years the child’s outlook on life will open up as they gain a greater sense of independence and explore the world. Their level of understanding and communication improve and so will his enjoyment of relationships with other children. There will be a tremendous development in language skills.

In all our rooms we program for each child individually. We do this by observing each child, noting their actions and abilities, their strengths and what challenges they are ready for. The activities we plan are developmentally appropriate and goals are set for the child to achieve.

The weekly program is displayed on the noticeboard above the lockers for you to have a look at. You will also see samples of the children‘s ‘work’ displayed around the room. A folio of the child’s work is kept in a folder with examples of artwork and activities they are given and also observations and checklists. It is available for you to look at, at any time.

Activities and Experiences

Activities outdoors on the larger outdoor equipment are planned to stimulate gross motor development. Plenty of exercise establishes a positive body image and a sense of self esteem. The three year old enjoys ball games and developing their kicking skills. Basic sport skills are included in the program. Sand play, shape sorting, eating independently, painting, play dough and gluing activities all increase fine motor and manipulative development. Painting improves control and flexibility but also is a means of expression.

Social interaction occurs through group play. We focus on offering activities that help develop resilience, emotional regulation and pro-social choices. Children develop an interest in role playing and imaginative play. Home corner is a busy part of the room. Puzzles, collage and craft activities stimulate creative and cognitive development. The children also enjoy music time where they can sing together and be involved in creative movement.

We also encourage the development of early reading by introducing letters to the children, familiarising them with their own names and providing lots of opportunities for appreciating literature - both in books and told stories. These are just some of the experiences your child will have in the Kindergarten room.


Each day we will communicate with parents about what has happened in our room. We will share the highlights of each day by making notes on our weekly program. Writing these daily comments on the program allows Educators to communicate with families about some of the meaningful activities and interactions of the day. These comments will be aligned with the government’s Early Years Learning Framework. Photos of the children illustrating their interaction with the curriculum will also be shared. 

Each week we will reflect in general about our journey together and this weekly reflection will be posted for parents to view. Regular centre newsletters will also be produced and shared with parents, preferably by email.   
We welcome parent input in many ways. So please feel free to communicate with us about your child, our program, our room or our centre any time.  

It is important to us that you feel comfortable coming to us to ask questions about your child and their day and how they are feeling. Please come and see us at any time if you have questions or concerns about your child. You can also make an appointment with the Educator or Director at any time to have a discussion about how your child is going.

You are always very welcome to join in the activities in the room or come in and spend time with us- you may like to share a skill with us, cooking, storytelling, music etc. We value any suggestions you may have for the program.

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